Saeed Ajmal still suffering


Aray koi nahi AJMAL mein nay bhee bohat harwaia hay-AKMEL

Kamran Akmel is someone who must be aware of how Saeed Ajmal must be feeling right now as he himself has been responsible for making Pakistan loose quiet a few matches. Anyhoo upon return to the… Continue reading

Oily Problems for OBAMA

President OBAMA has been forced to take action after it has been reported that that the oil spill may reach Florida’s coastline. President OBAMA has setup a panel. The panel will also examine… Continue reading

BULLOCKS for ballack

Germany captain Michael Ballack has been ruled out of this summer’s World Cup because of the right ankle injury he suffered in Saturday’s FA Cup final. Ironically he was tackled by Kevin-Prince Boateng… Continue reading


Ahmadinejad is not going to be bossed around by anyone, he is here to play the game by his way, he’s not going to let anyone else dictate terms. If relationship with International… Continue reading

Minus one Zardari to go

Pakistan army and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani have asked President Asif Ali Zardari to go if he does not accept a new deal hatched by them in consultation with foreign powers. The… Continue reading

Nandita Das, Mahesh Bhatt grace second-last day of KaraFilm Festival

The second-last day of the KaraFilm Festival finally put a smile on the organisers’ faces as the two of Kara’s “oldest supporters,” Mahesh Bhatt and Nandita Das, finally managed to make it to… Continue reading

Two brothers shot dead amid robbery in Karachi

KARACHI: Dacoits killed two real brothers amid robbery as brothers resisted against them while a person sustained injuries resisting against bandits during another incident of plundering in Karachi on early Thursday, police said.… Continue reading

Fatima bhutto and George Clooney ARE U SERIOUS

Are George Clooney [Images] and Benazir Bhutto’s [Images] niece Fatima an item? If the National Enquirer is to be believed, the Hollywood star and the 26-year-old niece of slain Pakistan leader are engaged… Continue reading

Racism In The Elevator