Trade unions in Pakistan u must be joking

A couple of days back I took a rickshaw back from work, I had one off the most delightfull converstions off all times .  He seemed energetic, full off life with an urge to do something for his country and yet reluctant. Belonging to a tribe in FATA he was a support off Taliban. He stated that he was only supporting them becuase he thaught he was forced too, his heart knew what they where doing was wrong, but he fealt too small to take a step against them.

Although his father migarated from FATA he himself was born and raised in Karachi, like a true Karachi’ite he was chewing on a pan for most off the journey, he said that he has been influenced by his gathering and hence is addicted to it.  Although his father was agianst him eating pan but he was willing to take the risk. Another thing that was important to his being was his moustahces.Although he didnt see them as that important but his father would have shot him dead if he even thaught off shaving them.

Then our dicussion moved in the direction off abusing our leaders he wasnt a big fan off either off them apart from that off Imran Khan. He saw him as a man of principles but despite that he couldnt be bothered to go and vote for him, he was preety endiment that this country is going to the dogs and there is no one who can save this country. Then i asked him what are you doing to change this and he went blank. He said he wanted too something but he cant he has a family to support, if he takes up politics who would feed look after his dhaughter or his wife, there was a union for the rickshaw driver he wanted to get involved in it more actively but he had to make a choice either or really, and he choose the safer option. One cant really blame him most off us would have done that.

The conversation with him left me thinking what role are the trade unions in our country playing, they seem to be very dead to me, serious work needs to be done on the ground level to organise them. Also I believe most of us arent patriotic or nationalist any more, we have lost the sense of belonging, this country is causing nothing but problems for us what do you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!