Top five this week:

5)Babu Nazir Ahmed, Riffat and Nighat:

LAHORE, Aug 2: Police have liberated two sisters and their father from a 15-year-long bondage imposed by none other than the man’s son.

Since the three were not in their senses, they were referred to a mental hospital to ascertain whether they were mentally retarded.

The police and Rescue 1122 carried out the operation in Saidpur area on Saturday under the supervision of four coordinators of the Punjab chief minister’s inspection team and two PML-N MPAs.

It was reportedly conducted on the information of some local residents who contacted the CMIT officials and media and said that a man had confined his father and sisters for a long time and never allowed them to leave the house.

They would surely be making new and be topic off many forum based tv show’s.


Zeb and Haniya have officially arrived, and that alone is a landmark event. Pakistan has not seen the launch of two young talented women in the music industry in a very, very long time – and these two have made 2008 a year to remember for Pakistani music.

Zeb and Haniya (or as their full names go, Zebunissa Bangash and Haniya Aslam) appeared on the Pakistani music scene a few years ago, when a song called ‘Chup’ by the duo started spreading like wildfire on the Internet. The song was then picked up by radio stations that began playing it. The girls of the ‘Chup’ fame have just launched their debut album, also titled Chup, which has been flying off the shelves at Karachi’s popular music stores. Zeb and Haniya have a cult following and their fans have been waiting for their album ever since they downloaded the song ‘Chup’.  There first video is also ready and would be hitting your T.V screens preety soon.

3) Mehreen Jabber:

With the release off her critically aclaimed film Ramchand Pakistani, Mehreen has become the hearttrobe offPakistani channel, which ever dicussion show you ruen too she is there. Although the intail numbers arent good the rumours are it is picking up, we wish her best of luck

2) Yusuf Raza Gillani:

With first his trip to America, followed by a very lively SAARC summit, our MP has been making news left right and centre. For a change he has been more in the news then his party leader Zardari.

1)Shehzad Roy

He is back, his new video’lagga raho’ has been creating waves across the nation. He created news by have a unique launching on his new album. He performed for a live audience at central jail Karachi child’s wing. Many have termed this album as his coming off age, whatever be said according to the figures coming in the album is doing preety well. He definatly has taken qismat aapnie haatooon mein.