Potter actor killed in fight

A TEENAGE Harry Potter film actor was murdered over a dispute involving an alleged mobile phone theft, according to a friend of the victim.

Rob Knox, 18, died in a street attack around 1am outside the Metro Bar in Station Road, Sidcup, Kent.

Four other men were also injured. One was stabbed in the head.

A youth, who asked not to be named, said: �I was in the pub with Rob last night so I know exactly what happened. I was a friend of Rob and his brother Jamie. I wasn’t drinking with them but I see them and I chatted to them during the night before the stabbing.

“One of Rob’s mates had his mobile phone stolen last week and he accused a black bloke in the bar of taking it.

We knew there was going to be aggro but we never expected anything like that

“There was a bit of trouble at the time but nothing serious. Then last night, earlier in the evening, this black bloke was in the bar again and Rob’s mate went up to him

“The black bloke went off and said he would be back. We knew there was possibly going to be some aggro but we never expected anything like that.

“It was around midnight when this car pulled up outside and I saw two black blokes get out and come into the bar. One of them was shouting something at Jamie and then he threw a chair at him.

It all went mad and there were several blokes fighting

“The next thing it all went mad and there were several blokes fighting. I stayed inside the bar so I didn’t really see what happened outside but I heard that one of the black blokes had two knives on him and he was stabbing anyone who went near him.

“It seems crazy that a young bloke has lost his life over a mobile phone. Rob was a decent lad. I’m absolutely gutted that he has died.�


Rob had just finished work on the new Harry Potter film – Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. He had landed a minor role as Ravenclaw student Marcus Belby.

A Warner Bros spokeswoman said: “We are deeply saddened and shocked by this news and at this time our sympathies are with his family.”

Rob’s devastated parents, Sally and Colin Knox, said in a statement: “Rob was kind and thoughtful and would always help out others – he would always spend his last penny on other people instead of himself.

“The life and soul of the party, he was very outgoing, loved sports, and would always strike up a conversation with people.

“He was respectful to others and adored by all his family and friends. He was asset to the family.”

Scores of his friends gathered outside the bar in shock.

His cousin, Vicky May, 16, said he was more like her big brother.

Rob wasn’t a thug… Everyone loved him

She said: “You never think it will happen to you. Rob wasn’t a thug, it wasn’t gang-related. Everyone loved him. He was more like a brother, he would always look out for me. He was friends with so many people.”

Friend Liberty Butcher said: “He would never start an argument. He would have been the one to stick up for someone. He had so much going for him.”

Rob’s friend Tom Hopkins, 18, who plays football for Southend United youth team, pinned down a man armed with a knife outside the bar with the help of friend Tarik Ozress, 17.

The pair wrestled with him for several minutes before police arrived.

Tom was stabbed in the head during the struggle.

He said: “Rob was just trying to help out. He was like that. I grabbed the knife, I didn’t know at the time that he had another knife. It was just chaos.”

He too said there had been a row over a phone and they believe this could have been revenge attack.

A total of four men were taken to hospital with injuries.

Flowers have been piled where the teenager died.

One tribute read: “The flowers will die, the sun will set, you are someone I will never forget.”