Victory for the Taliban

The Pakistani government has struck a deal with the pro-Taliban activists. A deal was stuck after  detailed  negotiation, which America advised them against

“We have real reservations about negotiated agreements with extremists,” he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“There is a lot at stake here and we have made the point repeatedly.”

Last week Nato also criticsed the deal. I dont understand why are these bodies so reluctant to get into a dialogue. In this day and age a war can not be won in this day and age without negotiation.

Below are the terms of the negotiations which have been disclosed.

  • Sharia law in Swat
  • close of training camps and end attacks.
  • hand over any foreign militants
  • government would make limited concessions on militant demands for the imposition of Islamic law in the region

These are just some of the 15 point deal disclosed. All and all a positive first move made by the new government.