Noori aur Muhabaat
The angry young men of Pakistani music industry are about to make a comeback and people beware they have a surprise up there sleeves. After the critical aclaim of ‘Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jani Ki Gol Dunya’ noori has decided to venture out into an unknown territory. In there third album they would be telling ‘stories of love’ ohh yes u read it right Noori boys are going to be singing love songs. The first single is expected to hit the shelves by the end of June and would be interesting too see if they manage to pull it off.

We probed them about the reason and a bit of philosophy about there third album and this was there reply ‘initially the idea was the release the final episode of the trilogy titled begum gul bakowlee sarfarosh but then we just felt that we wanted to give that a break and do something light hearted….this album is even a surprise for us’. They brushed aside any rumors related to the split up or Ali Noor pursuing a solo career in English and termed them as being untrue. Ali Hamza fans are in for a treat as he will be featuring a lot more on the vocals in the upcoming album.

So behold fans the summer promises to be exciting as we come to face with the softer side of Noori.