Pakistan Afghan ambassador freed

Pakistan’s envoy to Afghanistan Tariq Azizuddin is freed.

Pro-Taliban militants have released Pakistan’s envoy to Afghanistan 3 months after he was kidnapped in Pakistan’s Khyber tribal region.

cc disappeared Feb 11 along with his driver and bodyguard as they drove from the Pakistani city of Peshawar toward the Afghan border.

On a video aired April 19 on an Arab satellite channel, Azizuddin said Taliban militants had kidnapped them and urged the Pakistani government to meet their demands.

In his video, Azizuddin did not say what demands the Taliban were making, but Pakistani media reports had reported they had called for the release of several jailed militants.

Pakistan’s long tribal belt on the Afghan border is notorious for being a haven for smugglers and bandits and has turned into a major sanctuary for al Qaeda and the Taliban militants who fled from Afghanistan after the US-led invasion in 2001.