In pictures- Burma storm toll 4000

Uprooted trees are seen in Burma's former capital Rangoon on 5 May

The clean-up has begun in Burma two days after a cyclone hit the country, reportedly killing nearly 4,000 people and destroying many houses.

Police and residents try to clear an uprooted tree in Rangoon on 5 May 2008

In the largest city, Rangoon, police and local residents joined forces to clear streets littered with fallen trees and debris.

People in Rangoon queue to buy water on 5 May 2008

Many people were queuing to buy clean water, amid reports that it was fast becoming scarce.

Fallen trees in Rangoon on 5 May 2008

Some residents said that they had never seen Rangoon – a city of more than five million people – so devastated.

Debris in Rangoon on 5 May 2008

Five of Burma’s regions have been declared disaster zones after cyclone Nagris hit the South East Asian country on Saturday.

Residents rebuild their homes in Rangoon on 4 May 2008

Some aid is beginning to reach victims, but many roads remain inaccessible, officials say.

Destroyed fisherman boats lay off Rangoon on 4 May 2008

Foreign aid agencies are pressing Burma’s military junta to ease movement restrictions on their staff to help victims.