Aaishah Akram- a pillar of strenght

Coming from a humble background Aaishah Akram has certainly started craving her way in the industry. She describes herself as very sensitive individual and as someone who can easily and eagerly express herself through various means of art . ‘I am used to expressing myself through painting, dancing, sketching, writing and composing. And it all comes naturally to me. You can call it a God’s gift that I am truly grateful for’.

She has been writing music for the past seven years, her efforts where first recognized by Fakhir. She was the brains behind the hit Tauba Hai, besides composing the popular number she also sang besides Fakhir on LAG LAG. She says working with Fakhir was delightful and looks forward to working with more talented individuals in the near future.

It has not been an easy route for her though she admits. She thinks Pakistani music industry is still reluctant and discriminates a lot against female musicians she says ‘Many reputed musicians, recordists, media people and even my relatives (except for my parents and friends) used to tell me that it’s not a good field of work for women coming from respectable backgrounds. Over time I noticed that there are still a lot of educated men in our society who get uncomfortable around women who are overly ambitious and this makes them behave in many odd ways. To make a long story short, it’s definitely a struggle but eventually everyone learns to respect you and your work if you’re truly talented, committed to your work and intelligent in your decisions’. Media is not all that friendly with newcomers either if anything they look to exploit them. Although she maintains all hope is not lost ‘there are certain individuals within the system who are genuine music lovers and they helped me quiet a lot’, along with them she looks towards her family and friends for motivation. The most important aspect though she believes is keeping ones spirits high is being grateful for all one has been blessed with and remaining focused on ones goal.

Although one believes that true talent and had work do pay off in the end.

Despite all the discrimination Aaishah has managed to get one of the most prominent directors of the industry Sohail Javed to directed her first video . Beqarar carriers a powerful social message and she credits Sohail Javed for it, she says it was him who visualized the concept and she loved it. She says its not a one-off and intends to use her music as a tool for creating awareness and educating her fan in regards to the social issues that affect the wellbeing of the under-privileged. Its not all serious stuff from the 27 year old she says that in her upcoming album Dil-e-muntazir there would be some upbeat numbers which are meant for pure entertainment. In any case she maintain that we can expect quality from her work. She believes that she is a very versatile artist and a very diverse person and says that her upcoming album is a proof of that. Every song in the album is different from the other and represents me or my ideas in some way.

Her second single that has been rooming around the world wide web is Tera Bin, compared to Beqarar is upbeat and revolves around the more commercial aspect of love. According to her Tera bin was ‘done out of my love for rock but I can’t relate with the lyrics that deeply (maybe because it’s a love song and I am not in love). =p’ * hint * hint fans. Though generally i got the feeling that Rock music is quiet close to her heart and in the future she would be using it as a tool to make a stronger statement.

After making it too the top 10 of the most of the music channels play list she is being offered quite a few record deals, but has not signed the dotted line yet, she is keeping her options open. Aaishah maintains that any place or media that help develop her talent further and brings honor and pride to her country and her family is an option and it includes bollywood. She added that the Pakistani music industry is in the adolescent stage. And adolescents are never ever financially stable on their own. Perhaps this is the reason why so many musicians are looking over the border.

Whatever be the case Aaishah akram is a refreshing addition to the ever so diverse music industry. Beqarar has certainly raised our hopes and we surely expect her to deliver. We at Mazaqah wish her all the luck and hope that she gets all the opportunities to mature her talents.