kareena kapoor bikini shot- Does size really matter

Kareena Kapoor’s ‘Size Zero’ look in her new movie ‘Tashan’ has drawn a lot of attention giving a fresh impetus to the debate on ‘size zero’. Will the look be just a new fad or will it lead to dangerous trend among youngsters?

Kareena’s new look of 23 inches and 48 kgs makes a note that size does matter to make an
impression some times.

I frankly think the only reason she was able to pull it off was because of the beautiful setting and the camera work. To me she looks disgusting, you can see her ribs now that is not a healthy sign is it. Although her trainer maintains she did not go for any sorts of strict diet, according to her the key was eating good and sleeping properly but its blatened that she must have starved herself. The general public has not really taken shine too her new look, so it seems to be that skinny girls aren’t the desi cup of tea.