Doherty turns to Islam in jail

DRUGGIE jailbird PETE DOHERTY is reading the Koran to get him through his days in the slammer.

The BABYSHAMBLES singer has turned to the Islam holy book after being imprisoned at London’s Wormwood Scrubs.

Potty Pete requested a translation after being put in an isolated cell at the tough prison last week. And the rock junkie is now “lapping it up”.

A pal revealed yesterday: “He’s been reading the Koran since he went into segregation.

“He’s got a lot of Muslim friends and they’ve been on at him for ages to study it. Now he’s on his own he’s got time on his hands to study it.

“I’m surprised how much it has calmed him down as he was very on edge inside. He definitely seems more chilled. He’s lapping it up and really interested in it. I think it’s helping him in there.”

The former LIBERTINES frontman has been having a torrid time since beginning his 14-week sentence for breaching probation by taking drugs.


The Sun revealed he’d been having heroin in prison before lags who gave him drugs on tick threatened to maim him and he was segregated for his own safety.

In the past Pete has also read up on weird cult Scientology after being introduced to it by his then girlfriend NADINE RUDDY.

If Pete ever does think about converting to Islam, he’s going to have to make some radical changes to his outrageous lifestyle.

Maybe he’s yet to get to the bits in the sacred book that rule out alcohol and mind-altering drugs.

Eating any meat which is not prepared the halal way is also banned.

Considering the only food I have ever seen Pete scoff is a Big Mac, I’m not sure what he would plan to eat.

And as Muslims are advised not to wear any tight-fitting clothes, all those skinny jeans would have to go straight down to the charity shop.

And putrid Pete will also have to sort out his disgusting dirty fingernails, as the book guides followers to stay clean and well groomed.