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Hussey goes Bannan’s

Hussey managed an impressive 116 of 54 balls hitting 10 of those balls out of the ground for maximum. Chennai finished with 240/5 out of there twenty overs. He paced his innings to perfection came in early after the fall of Partvic Patel in the 3rd over.  In the process he did not take too many risks. Always looked in control never allowed any bowler to get on top of him. Pathen was pick of the bowlers although he did give away he did give away 42 but picked up 2 important wickets. Badrinath joined the party in the last over he managed an impressive 31 of just 14 ball smashing 2 sixes. Earlier on Raina managed an impressive 32 of just 13 balls. Matthew Hayden was the other major contributor he managed 26 of 17 balls. Fielding was not all that great either King’s 11 dropped two important cathces in the process.

Yuvraj’s team will have to bat out of there skin if they are to put up a decent chase.

Hussey taking charge-161/4

Both Hussey and Raina have decided to take the attack to the spinners. Managed an impressive 19 of the first over from Chawla. Goel was shown no mercy either and gave away 20 runs in his second over. Raina was chaught out at the boundry by Pathan of the bowling of WA Mota. Raina made 32 of a mere 13 balls. Jacob Oram seems to be taking it slow who has managed 7 after being dropped by sreesanth at run a ball. Whereas Hussey has moved onto 74 and has managed to hit 5 balls out of the ground hes on a roll. If they carry on at this rate 200 is on the cards.

Balance prevails-88/3 after 10:

Yuvraj made changes at both end and Hayden decided to attack his Queensland team mate James Hope. Smashed him for a 4 and a 6 is his first over. Although Hayden did not manage get the better off Pathan, as Pathan had him clean bowled for 26. Hopes made a good come back as he managed to trap the most expensive player in front of the wicket for 1 of the first ball of his second over. Hussey seems to be looking to bat through where as Raina has taken on the role of the aggressor. Spin has been introduced in the form off K Goel who managed to keep things realitvily quite only giving away 5 runs in his first over. Hussey has moved onto 30 and Raina not out at 13.

Match Hangs in Balance- Chennai 42/1( P.Patel 15 c Sangakara B. Lee)

Parthiv Patel and Matthew Hayden are off too a blazing start. Patel set the tune with three boundries of the first three balls off Sreesanth. On the other hand Lee kept things relative tight, hardly giving away any room to the two batsmen. In the third over he bowled Hayden off a free hit and had Patel chaught behind. Hussey after a quite start has taken the attack to Lee, he smashed Lee for too very convincing boundries and is not out at 14. Lee and Co. is making it hard for Hayden to find his element all who has managed 11 at run a ball. Quality of fielding has been very good so far.All and  all the match hangs in balance. Tune in again in 20 mins for the next update.

Dhoni has won the toss and elected to bat first. Punjab has left out Mahela from the playing eleven. The pitch seems to have been nicely rolled in any grass that there was has been shaven off. The start is only 10 mins away . Tune in again for regular updates.

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There’s a buzz around this game given that six of India’s ICC World Twenty20-winning squad, and some of the most expensive acquisitions, will be pitted together. No other match-up includes so many such players and that’s obviously a big draw. Chennai are lead by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who after the Twenty20 victory was snapped up for a whopping US$1.5 million. On the other side is Yuvraj Singh, he of the six consecutive sixes in the World Twenty20, leading a team of this magnitude for the first time. Punjab are a very young and promising team, with only three players over 30, whereas Chennai’s strengths lie in their batting. How each cope with the other’s strengths, and smooth over their own weaknesses – Chennai have solid batsmen but are thin in the bowling stakes, while Punjab lack a potent spinner – will determine the winner of this contest.

Yuvraj has already spoken of the mini-battle that the contest is likely to throw up between him and Dhoni. “It’s a good way to build the hype (around the competition) by pitching it as a Yuvraj versus Dhoni contest,” Yuvraj said. “Maybe, I will share a joke with him after the game.” Dhoni, however, will play in the side as a specialist batsman with Parthiv Patel set to keep wicket.

Matthew Hayden and Brett Lee have terrorized opposing teams for a few years now but now it’s going to be one versus the other. Hayden’s domination with the bat has extended into the Twenty20 format and it’s unlikely he will change his approach against Lee, who is at the top of his game. Lee will know Hayden’s penchant for walking down the track, so expect a few tricks.

Another contest with the makings of a classic is Kumar Sangakkara versus Muttiah Muralitharan. Sangakkara has kept admirably to Murali all over the world, and has no doubt faced up to him plenty of times in the nets; but in front of a huge crowd, with so much at stake? Keep your eyes on Sanga v Murali.

This thread would be updated after every 5 overs