Xcor rockets into private space flight by 2010 we have got the picture


Xcor Aerospace announced its intention to offer private suborbital space flights in 2010. The company plans to build the Lynx, a two-seat spaceship that is about the size of a private aircraft. The Lynx will let passengers experience weightlessness at the edge of outer space for about four and a half minutes.

“Lynx will be the greatest ride off Earth,” said XCOR test pilot, former pilot, astronaut, and Space Shuttle commander, Col. Rick Searfoss (USAF-Ret.). He notes that passengers will be able to see stars and the Earth from space while riding up front in the spaceship, sitting next to the pilot.

Xcor has been developing rocket propulsion systems for nine years. It claims that the Lynx will be fully reusable, burn cleanly, and will have minimal impact on the environment.

Credit: Xcor Aerospace


This is the route that the Lynx is expected to take. It will reach 200,000 above the Earth then do several loop the loops to slow down before returning the land.


This should give an idea of the size of the Lynx.