Dutch MP posts Islam film on web (we have the link)

Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders has posted a controversial film critical of Islam’s holy book, the Koran, on the internet.VIDEO 

The opening scenes show a copy of the Koran, followed by footage of the attacks on the US on 11 September 2001.

The 15-minute film was posted on video-sharing website LiveLeak.

Its planned release had sparked angry protests in Muslim countries. The Dutch government has distanced itself from the views of 44-year-old Mr Wilders.

The film is called “Fitna”, a Koranic term sometimes translated as “strife”.

Dutch broadcasters have declined to show the film by the Freedom Party (PVV) leader, who lives under police protection because of earlier death threats.


Graphic images from the bomb attacks on London in July 2005 and Madrid in March 2004 are shown.

Pictures of a woman being stoned, scenes from a beheading and images of the Dutch director Theo van Gogh, who was murdered by a radical Islamist in 2004, are also included.

And pictures appearing to show Muslim demonstrators holding up placards saying “God bless Hitler” and “Freedom go to hell” also feature.

The film shows a young girl in a headscarf making derogatory comments about Jewish people.

It also displays a graph of the growing number of Muslims in the Netherlands and Europe.

The film ends with someone turning pages of a Koran, followed by a tearing sound.

A text that appears on the screen says: “The sound you heard was from a page (being torn from a) phone book.

“It is not up to me, but up to the Muslims themselves to tear the spiteful verses from the Koran.”

The film concludes: “Stop Islamisation. Defend our freedom.”

Two years ago the publication in Denmark of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad sparked protests across the Muslim world.