Karachi factory catches fire

KARACHI: A refrigerator-making factory situated in Quaidabad area of Karachi caught fire on late Saturday night injuring dozens of people.

A large portion of the factory situated at National Highway collapsed injuring several people; also various people were found unconscious owing to the thick hazardous chemical smoke.

According to preliminary reports, the fire started from the storeroom of the factory at night between Saturday and Sunday.

The relief operation is in full swing. The ambulances arrived at the blaze site before long and started to transport the injured to hospitals. Several fire brigade vehicles including KPT vehicles are present here fighting the fire. A snorkel is also part of the firefighting attempts.

According to Chhipa Ambulance Service, at least 10 fire fighters have fallen unconscious and were rushed to the hospital.

Police and the Rangers have put a security cordon around the whole area.

Owing to the billowing smoke of the factory chemical, various people in nearby area fainted. Several people along with their children were seen fleeing the blaze area. People are feeling respiratory problems owing to the hazardous chemical smoke.