Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, President Supreme Court Bar Association has issued the detailed programme of the Lawyers BLACK FLAG WEEK called by it from March 09 to 16. According to the programme:-

  1. On Sunday 9th March Provincial Bar Councils to hold conventions of Representative Lawyers presided over by a deposed judge at the Provincial Headquarters and hoist black flags.
  2. On the Monday 10th and Thursday 13th all Bar Associations will hoist Black Flags  at the outer gates of Bar Premises. The Black Flag  will be of large size and with the name of CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry printed on it. After speeches by the President and others, lawyers and citizens will take out rallies. There will also be a Complete Strike on these two days. Arrangements are being made to relay the address of the SCBA President and the CJP on these two days at one and the same time to all the Bar Associations of Pakistan. Loudspeakers and amplifiers will be installed on the parameter walls to enable the general public to hear the address.
  3. Rallying lawyers will only carry black flags and black banners. Photographs of the CJP, CJs of Sindh and NWFP and lawyers who were detained may also be carried.
  4. On other days of the week, the flag hoisting ceremony will take place every day and the General Body will meet. Speakers will address the House.
  5. Special resolutions will be passed, every day, to appreciate the courage of the three school-going children of the Chief Justice of Pakistan who have been in complete detention since November 3 and have not complained.
  6. Lawyers will distribute black flags, arm bands, and head bands during the rallies and at other times among the public. Although it will remain a lawyers’ protest, students, civil society, party cadres and bazaars may join with party as well as black flags and black banners.
  7.  All students, particularly of law, may volunteer to help the Bar Associations.
  8. From March 3 onwards, Press briefings will be given daily by all office bearers of all Bar Associations stating the progress of the preparations for the lawyers’ BLACK FLAG WEEK in their district and area.
  9. In this regard Bar Office-bearers will contact students, businessmen, traders, professional and women organizations, chambers, trade unions for logistical assistance and support.
  10. The SCBA President, Aitzaz Ahsan said that the Lawyers’ Long March has been postponed but not cancelled. A date for it would be announced, if necessary, after the Parliament has convened. The Black Flag Week will be a soft preparatory step to the Long March and will re-energize lawyers and the Lawyers’ Movement.
  11. Please circulate to all peoples seeking restoration of independent judges and all your friends.