Murderer to hanged in Central jail Karachi

KARACHI: Karachi Central Jail officials have issued black warrant for murderer to be hanged at 5am on Wednesday morning.

According the jail officials, the accused Javed Malik shot down 18-year son Haji Ashraf, after the boy refused to give extortion money.

Haji had car showroom, where Javed turned up to take money and killed Amir Kakar there. Following the incident, the accused flee to Punjab.

The accused Javed told the interrogators that he, accompanied by his accomplices, killed Ch Zahoor Elahi by opening fire at him in Gujrat.

Anti-terrorism court sentenced him to be hanged, after which his appealed filed in high court was dismissed and Supreme Court sustained the same by dismissing his appeal petition.

Later on, President Musharraf also denied any reprieve. Consequently, the jail officials issued his black warrant.